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    • G93 - ($20) BABY BIB - Pictures Garfield leaning through a big Christmas wreath waving and wearing a Santa hat. Says, "Baby's 1st Christmas" on it. Mint, not in package if it came in one.

    • G92 - ($20) RATTLE - INFLATABLE - Cute inflatable toy shaped like a paddle with a ring-shaped handle with a red jingle bell ball that can bounce around inside. Says "Merry Christmas" on the handle and top portion shows Garfield popping out of a great big present wearing a Santa hat. EC.

    • G95 - ($20) RATTLE - Child's rattle of hard plastic like a semi-3-D figure of Garfield in bib & bonnet holding a rattle himself. Has little colored pellets to make noise. EC.

  2. BANKS:

    • G121 - ($100) BANK - Awesome Enesco Early Porcelain Bank - 1981 bank of a smiling, sitting fat cat Garfield. He's sitting in classic pose and is smiling a big toothy grin . He's cute. He's smiling, his mouth on the left is closed, his mouth on the right shows his teeth fully in a cool, cheesy smirky grin. Made by Enesco 1981 in Japan. Super condition, has stopper, and even bottom sticker. 4.75 inches tall.

    • G01 - ($35) Garfield holding Pookie - Neat rubber/PVC bank. Very detailed sitting fat cat holding his teddy bear. Adorable older bank. REALLY COOL!! 6 inches tall. EC, near mint.

  3. BOOKS:

    • G02 - ($15) "The Garfield Treasury" - Color comic collection book, softcover, EC, no real wear.

    • G03 - ($15) "The Second Garfield Treasury" - Color comic collection book, softcover, EC, no real wear.

    • G04 - ($15) "The Third Garfield Treasury" - Color comic collection book, softcover, EC, no real wear.

    • G05 - ($15) "Garfield: His 9 Lives" - Color comic collection book, softcover, EC, no real wear, just one bend on the corner of a cover.

    • G06 - ($ 5) "Garfield Weighs In (His Fourth Book)" - Black & white comic collection book, hardcover, EC, no real wear, one corner a little pushed.

    • G07 - ($ 5) "Garfield Worldwide (His Fifteenth Book)" - Black & white comic collection book, softcover, EC, no real wear, looks new.

    • G08 - ($ 5) "Garfield & the Space Cat" - a Little Golden Book, hardcover. Near mint.

    • G09 - ($ 5) "Garfield - The Cat Show" - a Little Golden Book, hardcover. Near mint.

    • G97 - ($12) "Garfield to the Rescue" - small paperback story with 12 stickers. EC, has library property stamped inside cover and a label on the back cover. However, back cover would be blank otherwise, so no graphics are hidden. Cute book.


    • G10 - ($75) Danbury Mint Limited Edition Collector Figurine - "Sitting Pretty" (1992). Depicts Garfield sitting in that famous blue easy-chair. Chair is clawed front and back, a ball of yarn and Pookie are sitting behind the chair. It even has a lace doilly on the back. Garfield holds a glass of tea (you can even see the ice floating in it) and the remote in the other hand. A bowl of popcorn sits on his knee. A spilt bag of potato chips sit by one side of the chair. The details and Garfield's expression are REALLY great. Name on bottom of figurine. Felt protection as well. A MUST HAVE! Mint, displayed only. 4 inches tall. (Please make reasonable offer. Cost about $35-$40 when purchased.)

    • G122 - ($10) DANBURY MINT Limited Edition Collector Figurine - "Open House" (1993). Depicts Garfield sitting on a tree branch with a bird house on his head with a sign that says, "Open House" on it. I guess he wants the curious bird in the tree to move into residence in his tummy! A squirrel pokes his head out of the tree. The details and Garfield's expression are REALLY great. Only drawback, the birdhouse had a front step that was across Garfield's face. This one is missing that front step. Still cute as is. Name on bottom of figurine. Felt protection as well. A MUST HAVE! 3.5 inches tall.

    • G108 - ($75) ENESCO ORNAMENT - "Sledding on Candy Canes" - Neat figurine-sized ornament of Garfield sitting on two candy canes like they form a sled. He has his mouth open caroling and each paw holding the end of each candy cane. He wears a big green bow around his neck. From the early eighties. Mint.

    • G109 - ($75) ENESCO "Garfield Skiing" (1981) - Cute figurine of Garfield on white skis with red stripes. He holds ski poles and wears a blue santa-shaped ski hat and a blue and white scarf. 2 3/4 inches tall. Mint. 1981.

    • G12 - ($45) ENESCO Ceramic Garfield "Trophy" - Bust of Garfield holding arms and a big closed-eyed smile sitting in a trophy cup that says "World's Greatest ______" and has a space to write in the accomplishment the trophy stands for. Otherwise, it is similar to the above trophy. 5 inches high. 1981. Mint with tag, tag worn though.

    • G13 - ($45) ENESCO Ceramic Garfield in classic "Fat Cat" seated position - 2 1/2 inches high. 1981. Mint.

    • G14 - ($50) ENESCO "Easter Bunny Odie" - Odie standing on hind legs wearing a white bunny suit. He's holding a peach colored basket filled with colored Easter eggs. Really adorable, especially the way his ears flop over at the tips just like a bunny's. 4 inches. 1983. Mint.

    • G15 - ($45) ENESCO "Birthday Card Figurine" - Neat white porcelain figurine looks like a opened birthday card. Has a cartoon on one side that shows Garfield lying down and asking, "I know you don't like to discuss your age on your birthday, but, I really must know.." and depicts him rolling in laughter on the other side saying, "What was the Bronze Age like?". White background. Neat item. 4 1/4 inches high, 5 1/2 inches across. Mint.

    • G16 - ($45) ENESCO "Apple for Teacher Figurine" - Neat OLDER figurine, depicts a sitting/standing (who can tell) Garfield holding up and apple. On a creme base base that says, "Look, we all can use brownie points." Interesting, since Garfield is fatter like earlier designs, also, he is not high gloss but base is. 3 1/4 inches tall. EC. 1981.

    • G17 - ($45) ENESCO "Garfield Wrapped as a Christmas Gift Figurine" - Cute figurine, Garfield is inside a green package with a red bow but has stood up so the box lid rests on his head like a hat. Gift box reads "It's the size of the gift that counts." 4 inches tall, 2 1/2 inches wide. 1981. Mint.

    • G18 - ($60) ENESCO "Odie Figurine" - Standing in his usual pose showing his pearly whites in a big grin. Older-style design, has "Calico Calif." written on his butt. Has vinyl/leatherette ears and rubber tail. 4 1/2 inches tall, 1 inch wide. 1983. Mint.

    • G19 - ($60) ENESCO "Teacher Figurine" - Neat composition figurine of Garfield as a disgruntled teacher standing with shoulders tensed. Garfield is wearing a white dress shirt with rolled up sleeves, blue slacks, striped tie, & oxford shoes holding a ruler. At his feet is all stuff thrown at him, a couple of paper airplanes, an apple core, a stick of chalk, & a pencil. On a round plastic base that says, "I need substitute students!". MIB. From the 80's. Base is 3 1/2 inches in diameter, figure is 4 inches tall.

    • G20 - ($45) ENESCO "Have You Hugged Your Dad Figurine" - Neat composition figurine of Garfield standing on a carpet holding a picture of an older grey cat and hugging with his eyes closed and a big grin on his face. On a round plastic base that says, "Have you hugged your Dad today?". Near mint, just can't find box. From the 1981. Base is 3 1/2 inches in diameter, figure is 4 inches tall.

    • G65 - ($45) ENESCO "Irish Figurine" - Neat OLDER figurine, depicts a leprechaun Garfield wearing green top hat, green bow tie and coat holding a mug of ale. On a creme base base that says, "We're all Irish one day a year." 3 1/2 inches tall. EC. 1981.

    • G66 - ($45) ENESCO "Grandfather figurine" - Neat OLDER figurine, depicts a fully standing Garfield with tail out behind him and one arm out in front holding a pipe. On a larger creme base base that says, "To the best Gramps're a Dad's Dad." Interesting, since Garfield is larger and standing neatly. 4 1/2 inches tall. EC, one ding in ridge on bottom, you can't tell when figurine is standing flat, didn't notice it when I purchased it, minor. 1981.

    • G67 - ($45) ENESCO "Dad figurine" - Neat OLDER figurine, depicts a sitting Garfield naked except for a red and navy striped tie!! Hehehe. On a creme base base that says, "To Dad...from a chip off the old block." 3 1/4 inches tall. EC. 1981.


    • G84 - ($25) Garfield ENESCO Coffee Mug - 1978 "Father's Day Mug" - Cute outdoor scene of Garfield cooking a steak on the grill with one hand and pushing a lawn mover cutting the lawn with the other. Design wraps and repeats on other side. Inside says, "Happy Father's Day, Big Deal". Mint.

    • G21 - ($25) Garfield ENESCO Coffee Mug - 1978 "Cool Daddy Mug" - Purple background, Garfield standing wearing shades and a zebra-striped jacket like a jazz-singer?? Cute. Mint.

    • G72 - ($25) Garfield ENESCO Coffee Mug - 1981 "Mornings Mug" - White background with Garfield in his bed under a blue blanket with head propped on one hand looking disgusted. Other side says, "I'd like mornings better if they started later." Cute. Mint.

    • G104 - ($25) Garfield ENESCO Coffee Mug - 1981 "Urf! Coffee Mug" - White background with Garfield seated and looking at his coffee that is making a barking sound, "Urf!". Other side says, "I like my coffee to sit up and bark." Cute. Mint.

    • G94 - ($25) Garfield ENESCO Coffee Mug - 1981 "Pisces" Zodiac Mug - White background, Garfield sitting and is half fish with seashells covering his chest like a mercat I guess...we'll forget he's male. Back gives dates and says, "An introvert, full of deep emotions, and seems to be very intuitive, a fishy character who probably works for scale." Cute. Mint.

    • G22 - ($25) Garfield ENESCO Coffee Mug - 1986 "Snackathon Mug" - Purple & green background, Garfield standing and holding a huge multi-layer mile-high sandwich. Cute. Mint.

    • G23 - ($100/set of 4, $30 singles) Garfield MCDONALD'S sets of 4 glass mugs - Have 2 full sets, and a few dupes of a couple. Mint.

      • "Use your friends wisely."
      • "I'm not one who rises to the occasion". Have 2.
      • "I'm easy to get along with when things go my way". Have 2.
      • "It's not a pretty life but somebody has to live it".

    • G90 - ($15) TRAVEL MUG - Neat, tall travel cup with handle and lid. It depicts a big burgundy "G" with a royal banner wrapped around it and waving in the breeze that says, "King of the Road" and Garfield leaning on the bar of the "G" wearings a big crown. It's walled inside to keep beverages cool, white with black interior and black lid that has a straw opening. Mint, brand new, unused. 8 inches tall.


    • G108 - ($75) ENESCO ORNAMENT - "Sledding on Candy Canes" - Neat figurine-sized ornament of Garfield sitting on two candy canes like they form a sled. He has his mouth open caroling and each paw holding the end of each candy cane. He wears a big green bow around his neck. From the early eighties. Mint.

    • G25 - ($75) Garfield ENESCO Christmas Ornament - 1978? - From the Treasury of Christmas Series, it's called "Special Delivery". Garfield wears a Santa hat and a big happy toothy grin. He's stepping into an envelope that he has stamped and addressed to "Santa Claus, North Pole". It even has an Odie stamp!!! NRFB/MIB, box has slight crease in back, not visible from front, not that bad either. A MUST HAVE!!

    • G61 - ($45 mint/$10 missing 1 arm) ENESCO SUPER NEAT WOOD Santa Jack-in-the-box ornaments - Neat, small green wooden box with actual mirrored lid, has wooden Garfield in painted on Santa suite with arms out at sides and real velour Santa har with white furry trim and jingle bell instead of pompom!! Lots of detail, painted on belt, snowflakes on box, etc. A MUST HAVE!! Older ornie from 1981. 2 3/4 inches tall. Have 3, 2 mint ($30), 1 missing arm but could be hung on tree unoticed if turned right. Could be fixed. ($10). Regular Broken

    • G85 - ($35) ORNAMENT - Garfield as Santa riding in his sleigh with a sack of gifts in front of him. ODIE IS THE REINDEER with faux antlers and jingle bell collar. Ornament is that nice plastic like a Hallmark Ornament. Golden hanging cord. MIB/SS.

    • G86 - ($35) ORNAMENT - Garfield inside a big decorated ornament with head, arms, and legs sticking out. Wearing a Santa hat. Ornament is that nice plastic like a Hallmark Ornament. Golden hanging cord. MIB/SS.

    • G87 - ($35) ORNAMENT - Garfield playing baseball in red and green striped sportswear planning to hit the ball which is really a bluish-silver christmas glass ball ornament (looks like glass ball but plastic) suspended from a wire like it has been thrown to him. Ornament is that nice plastic like a Hallmark Ornament. Golden hanging cord. MIB/SS.

    • G62 - ($35) ORNAMENT - TEACHER - Cool ornie for teacher, Garfield standing on candy cane pencil stilts (i.e. red teacher's pencil with worn down points and pink erasers are candy-striped and bent like candy canes). Green banner wraps around pencils and says, "Merry Christmas Teacher". Garfield, standing, is naked except for a red Santa hat. PROMO IN-STORE DISPLAY MODEL (1996)! Mint, with hangtag.

    • G63 - ($35) ORNAMENT - TEACHER - Another cool ornie for teacher, a blackboard with Merry Christmas written in white "chalk", Garfield drawn in orange, a Christmas tree in green. Eraser & many sticks of chalk on ledge. Top of board has thick holly garland and full 3-D Garfield sits on top holding a stick of chalk. PROMO IN-STORE DISPLAY MODEL (1996)! Mint, with hangtag. Have 2.

    • G83 - ($75) ORNAMENT SET - ADORABLE set of 3 larger ornaments. They are larger composition? ornaments that look like figurines. Each is 4-4 1/2 inches tall. Has gold hanging cord. Mint. WILL ONLY SELL AS A SET. Set includes:
      1. Garfield as Santa with huge sack of toys with Pookie as the teddy bear in the front of the toy sack. Slight glitter accents to fur trim on Santa's coat and hat. Will stand freely like a figurine.
      2. Garfield standing in winter hat and scarf and sneakers holding string of tiny lights trying to untangle them. This is a neat string of real faux mini tree lights that hang freely, not a painted on design. Will stand freely like a figurine.
      3. Garfield running away with a big stocking full of loot. It has a candy cane and is topped by a Christmas tree. Super!!! Will not stand freely, almost would if against back of a shelf but won't because Garfield is in the running position.


    • G123 - ($300) STUFFED TOY - POOKIE - Larger 9 inch tall Pookie bear of Garfield fame. This one is absolutely adorable, clean, silky fur, etc. Not played with. From 1983, these are ultra rare!! Mint, has leg tag with name "Pookie" and tush tag, but, not the paper ear tag.

    • G124 - ($300) STUFFED TOY - POOKIE - Fat, pudgy, adorable 7 inch tall Pookie bear of Garfield fame. This one is absolutely adorable and more pudgy than #G123. Not played with. From 1983, these are ultra rare!! Near mint, has leg tag with name "Pookie" and tush tag, but, not the paper ear tag.

    • G100 - ($75) STUFFED TOY - WORLD'S MOST AWESOME Stuffed Garfield - He's soft with mink-like silky fur and he's even soft and squishy and in the neatest position. He's lying on his tummy with arms and legs hanging down so you can actually drape him over the arm of a recliner or sofa. Too cool! He even looks a little drowsy and has cute big paws. 16 inches from head to tail. 1981, by Dakin. EC.

    • G120 - ($75) Talking Stuffed Garfield - Made by Mattel in 1981. Stuffed Garfield wearing blue shorts and white sneakers, dressed much like a boxer, talks when you pull the cord. He's a cool thick all over felt. His outfit is sewn-in, thick, silk-screened fabric. His eyes and muzzle are plastic so his eyes move as he talks. He's in the best shape I've ever seen, so clean, never played with it seems. 10 inches tall if ears are fully up. VERY RARE!! He says:

      1. Time for a brisk nap
      2. Face it, you're a wimp
      3. Nap attack!
      4. I hate jogging!
      5. Why me?
      6. Sleep conserves energy!
      7. I'm Garfield the swift

    • G27 - ($65) Talking Stuffed Garfield - VERY RARE!! Only slight wear, STILL TALKS!!

    • G28 - ($65) Fireman Garfield - ADORABLE stuffed Garfield in yellow vinyl firecoat and red vinyl firehat with a big yellow felt that says, "G Brigade". Super cute, hard to find. 9 1/2 - 10 inches tall. Near mint, looks super.

    • G71 - ($50) Odie - SUPER NEAT older stuffed Odie has big goggle eyes, floppy ears and tongue and stitched paws. REALLY neat. Firmer stuffing of older toys. Bet he's hard to find.

    • G89 - ($60/50) Odie - Neat 1983 Dakin stuffed Odie in classic standing pose, he's nice and fluffy. 11 inches tall. Neat red tongue. Have 2, one with tag ($60), one without ($50)

    • G73 - ($25) "Party Animal" stuffed Garfield - Garfield is sitting like a person wearing a white shirt that reads, "Party Animal" and wearing a blue & green party hat!!!! EC, looks SUPER!!

    • G78 - ($20) "Don't Ask" Garfield - Made by Dakin, he sits with arms behind him propping him up wearing a white t-shirt that says "Don't Ask". Mint with both card tag and plastic disc tag. 7 inches tall. 1981.

    • G79 - ($50) "Feline Garfield" - This is my fave!! He's standing on all fours like a real cat. Never seen him standing that way...too cool. He's very fat and pudgy and his tail sticks up in the air with attitude. 6 inches tall, 7 inches long. Mint with tags. 1981.

    • G80 - ($35) "Golfer Garfield" - Garfield standing and holding a plastic golf club and wearing a green polo shirt that says "Fore!!" on it. Mint with tags. 9 inches tall. 1988.

    • G81 - ($25) "Fat Cat" - Cute older-style seated Garfield in the classic Fat Cat position. Very cute. Mint, no tags. 5 inches tall. 1981.

    • G82 - ($10) "Odie" - Small stuffed, standing Odie with tongue hanging out and ears standing up. Just under 7 inches tall. VG, some wear, rip in red felt tongue. Nice though if you're missing Odie.

    • G119 - ($20) "Garfield Window Stick On" - Cute stuffed Garfield that sticks on to a car window with a suction cup on his back. He wears a red shirt that says, "Love Struck". He has a heart shaped arrow that looks like to goes through his head but really goes over, like the ones Steve Martin made famous. Near mint, looks mint to me. Great toy.

    • G99 - ($50) BEANIE/STUFFED TOY - Cute seated (but can stand) Garfield with arms out at sides. The classic thick fur, wry smile, and big eyes. A classic. He has cute feet. Made by Fun Farm 1981. EC, looks great. 9 inches tall. The older type of stuffed toy that used to be filled with beans for weight.

    • G91 - ($25) STUFFED TOY - Cute standing Garfield with arms out at sides - Very velvety Made by Fun Farm 1981. EC, looks great.

    • G96 - ($15) STUFFED TOY - Cute small Garfield - in that standing/seated position with arms out to sides not on the ground. Much like number G91, just smaller. 5 1/2 inches tall. Fluffy fur, tush tag removed so I don't know maker.

    • G115 - ($75) STUFFED TOY (JUMBO PROMO) - Neat 22 inch promo stuffed Garfield from Play by Play. He is standing on 2 legs with his hands down by his sides. Cute pink velvety nose. His tail comes down to the floor. Near, near mint. Wasn't played with.

    • G116 - ($45) STUFFED TOY - Awesome Mexican Garfield wears a big green cactus shaped sombrero and a long black mustache and a blanket shawl/serape that says "Ole!" on it. EC. Made by Dakin in 1981.

    • G117 - ($30) STUFFED TOY - Neat stuffed Garfield from Play by Play. He is standing on 2 legs with his hands down by his sides. Cute pink velvety nose. His tail comes down to the floor. EC. Like the larger one, but, it's only 11 inches tall.

  8. TOYS:

    • G29 - ($10) CARD GAME - Garfield Card Game. "GO FISH" card game. Mint in opened box. Very cute...different Garfield characters on the cards, Garfield, Arlene, Jon, Odie, Pooky, Nermal, etc.

    • G30 - ($12) CEREAL PREMIUM - Garfield cereal premium padlock. Blue. Works. Old and hard to find. Near mint, looks super.

    • G31 - ($ 6) FAST FOOD TOY - Arlene (Pink Cat) finger pupper. Rubber promo finger puppet of Arlene in a green plane (KFC Promo?). 2 1/2 inches long. Mint.

    • G32 - ($ 6) FAST FOOD TOY - Pookie (Teddy Bear) finger pupper. Rubber promo finger puppet of Pookie in a purple "Sky Bear" shuttle (KFC Promo?). 2 1/2 inches long. Mint. Have 2.

    • G33 - ($ 6) FAST FOOD TOY - John (Garfield's Owner) wheeled car (goes with 2 finger puppets above). Rubber promo red convertible with John driving. (KFC Promo?). 2 1/2 inches long. Mint. Have 2.

    • G34 - ($ 6) FAST FOOD TOY - Odie (John's Dog) in a blue wheeled 4X4 jeep-like car (goes with 2 finger puppets above). (KFC Promo?). 2 1/2 inches long. Mint.

    • G35 - ($ 6) FAST FOOD TOY - Nermal (Gray Cat) wheeled train engine car (goes with 2 finger puppets above). Rubber promo red train engine with Nermal at the wheel. (KFC Promo?). 2 1/2 inches long. Mint.

    • G36 - ($ 6) HAPPY MEAL TOY - 1989 McDonald's Happy Meal Toy. PVC Removeable Garfield with Red Scooter. Odie in side car. Mint, not in bag.

    • G37 - ($ 1) HAPPY MEAL TOY - Garfield PVC in tropical shirt. From Happy Meal, no vehicle.

    • G38 - ($ 1) HAPPY MEAL TOY - Garfield PVC in safari suit. from Happy Meal....missing vehicle.

    • G39 - ($ 3) PEZ - Neat Garfield Pez, nice large detailed head. Even the shaft is "Garfield colored". Has feet, patent #4.966.305. EC.

    • G40 - ($ 5) PLASTIC FIGURE - Garfield plastic figure standing on hind legs and has his arms folded and legs crossed. Very cute. Looks like it was once maybe the lid to a ink stamper pad?? Same pose as the cute PVC above. 2 inches. Some wear to ears, stripes paler on back. Looks cool though.

    • G41 - ($15) PUSH TOY - Garfield "Push Toy" - Cute plastic figurine of Garfield holding Pookie on a base that says "Stick with me kid and we'll go places.". Head turns as you push down on the base. 3 1/2 inches tall. EC. A neat vintage item.

    • G112 - ($15) PVC - Standing WWW Garfield in wrestler's body suit that is red with black belt and white "W" belt buckle. Very cute. Mint.

    • G47 - ($12) PVC - ADORABLE PVC of Garfield sitting and sucking one thumb and hugging Pookie with the other hand. I really love this one. EC, like new.

    • G48 - ($12) PVC/ORNAMENT - "Santa Garfield" is Garfield sitting in the classic "fat cat" position and wearing a Santa hat. EC, like new. Has hole through Santa hat, could be strung to use as an ornament. EC, like new,

    • G69 - G69 - ($ 5) RUBBER TOY - Rubber squeeze-type toy of Garfield in a blue skydiver suit with gold stars and a red parachute & helmet grinning broadly. Has loop on back so could be hung or even used as an ornament. But, probably had a plastic parachute attached as a kids toy. Nothing attached now. EC. Cute.

    • G50 - ($ 8 each) SQUEEZE TOY - Garfield Rubber Squeeze Toy. A rubber figurine in the shape of Garfield. 3 1/2 inches. This one is of Garfield wearing a red sleep shirt and white bunny slippers. His shirt says "Hug me". Excellent Condition. Have 3.


    • G51 - ($60) BACKPACK - Promo from Franco American "Garfield Pasta". Nice large, full-sized backpack in black and teal green. Back where straps are shows Garfield sliding down with his claws digging in. Front shows Garfield's face filling the rounded top half like he's looking over the pocket section. The pocket shows Garfield sitting on a stack of school books flying a paper airplane. Hard to find. MIB.

    • G52 - ($ 4) BUTTON - Hot pink background shows Garfield in sitting with one finger to chin as if thinking. Says, "I love mental games." EC, like new. 2 1/8 inches in diameter.

    • G54 - ($40) CAKE TOPPER SET - Wilton Birthday Parade Set (4 free standing pieces). Has Garfield marching with baton wearing party hat. He's followed by Odie in party hat who is pulling a harnessed red wagon. There is also a pookie that you can sit in the wagon. Even he has a party hat. Near mint, just opened. Largest piece is 3 inches.

    • G105 - ($ 6) CHRISTMAS CARDS - Cute Hallmark Christmas cards of Garfield and Odie trimming the tree. Odie is wearing a string of lights and Garfield is eating the string of popcorn and cranberries. Very cute graphic. Inside says, "Wishing you a merry Christmas with all the trimmings." Box is opened. It has 18 cards, 20 evelopes.

    • G77 - ($70) CLOCK - Really neat SUNBEAM round wall clock depicts Garfield laying on back with head propped on his arms sleeping. Adorable....the cartoon "dream bubble" is actually cut out and a moving picture is behind to look like Garfield is dreaming about different things at different times, such as eating a midnight snack in his jammies, waking up to the sunrise (sleeping with Pooky), jumping into a field of daisies, & watching the clown on TV. This is a turning dial like moon phases on a grandfather clock if that helps. EC, but one scratch on face. Visible, but, does not detract to me. Uses 1 AA battery. Works.

    • G70 - ($ 5) GIFT BAG - HUGE 13 by 17 inch gift bag. Pictures walking Garfield holding boxes of lights and ornaments spilling some as he walks on a vivid purple background. Mint, unused.

    • G56 - ($65) GUMBALL MACHINE - From Superior Toys, this is a plastic machine consisting of a black base with a clear globe. Gafield sits next to the globe like he's hugging it. Base says, "Are we having fun yet?". EC, mild wear, just used original gum. So, barely used.

    • G74 - ($ 6) NOTEPAD - Very old (70's/80's) small spiral bound note pad like you use in school. Picture cover is looking down from ceiling to see Garfield sliding down the wall by his claws, grinning madly. Furniture is way down below. NEAT. EC, not used.

    • G98 - ($60) PAJAMA BAG - Neat parachute satin pillow shape of Garfield's head with big teethy grin. Velcros in back. With PJ's in it, you could put it on the bed like a pillow. Has hanger loop as well. EC, looks awesome, no dirt, tears, or stains.

    • G106 - ($10) PENCIL SHARPENERS - Set of 2 pencil sharpeners - One a cute green computer with Garfield on the screen, the other a clear car with Garfield window stickers so it looks like he's driving. Has wheels so it can actually roll. MOC.

    • G57 - ($20) PENCIL TOPPERS - ADORABLE set of 2 rubber pencil toppers. One is Garfield holding Pookie, other is Odie standing in classic pose. EC, like new. Really cool, slightly older style Garfield. Will only sell as a set.

    • G114 - ($15) POST-IT NOTES (5 PACKS) - 2 standard square - 35 sheets, 3 larger rectangle - 40 sheets each, 190 sheets total. Pad 1 - Garfield looking google eye and circling finger next to head and saying "Well Duh!", Pad 2 - Garfield holding a tattered piece of paper in his mouth that looks as though he's violently eaten it and says, "Just A Friendly Note", Pad 3 - Garfield holding up paw as if to say stop and it says, "No problems please. I'm trying to quit", Pad 4 - Garfield dressed in party hat & bow tie with balloon and says, "Are we having fun yet?", Pad 5 - Shows Garfield bowing and looking up as though bowing at your feet and says, "For your consideration O exhalted one". Mint, still sealed. Cute for office use. Price is less that store shelf price when purchased.

    • G75 - ($ 8) PUZZLE - Cute child's 100 piece puzzle of Garfield in a brightly colored diner with a napkin around his neck about to dig into a heaping plate of gooey lasagna. A Golden Puzzle. EC, has been opened and put together. All pieces are present. Box picture looks super, no wear.

    • G107 - ($10) RULER/STENCIL/MAGNIFYING GLASS - You might remember those french curve thingys from school with a ruler that's flat plastic. Well this has a ruler among the bottom that then as a cut-out of Garfield atop it. You can trace/draw him as his features are stenciled. The ruler (6 inches long) has stencil cut-outs of a heart, pizza, hamburger, and an ice cream cone. It also has a round circular magnifying glass at one end. Orange plastic. Very cute. MOC.

    • G101 - ($ 8) SHEET - Twin flat top sheet of yellow and red stripes and a big stack of pillows with Garfield laying on top. EC, used, but cute. Would be cute in a collector's room.

    • G102 - ($40) SOAKIE/SOAP DISPENSER - Cute pump action plastic soft soap dispenser of the upper torso of Garfield with hands folded across chest. Near mint, used but no damage, etc. All paint intact. RARE, most used the soap and threw them away!

    • G58 - ($30) STAINED GLASS SUNCATCHER - Neat suncatcher is a happy looking Garfield with arms outstretched sitting in a field of assorted color flowers. EC. A licensed item, professionally made. Nice addition to a collection. EC. 4 inches high by 3 1/4 inches wide.

    • G76 - ($10) TIN - Christmas tin is a gold can with a blue lid. Background has white snowflakes, and border of candy canes, and the center picture is Garfield sitting and wearing a Santa hat and handing a wrapped present to Pooky who also is wearing a Santa hat. EC, but, older. No paint missing. Not used for any food storage. ADORABLE.

    • G68 - ($12) TROPHY - VERY old Aviva Trophy (1978) - Black square base with flat picture of Garfield hugging a VERY cute Pookie. Says, "This could be the start of something grand." NOTE: Has piece broken off of flat bottom back corner and a crack on top of base where flat part attached, back is not noticable, neither is top unless looking down on it. Looking from front, it looks fine. Very cute, nice new color, no wear to brass plate.

    • G59 - ($15) UNDERWEAR - Men's CHRISTMAS underwear. Briefs made by JOCKEY has Garfield Christmas cartoons all over it. Shows Garfield standing over glass Christmas balls and saying "Let's do Christmas", or standing over a broken ornament and saying "Another victim of holiday stress", or sticking his tongue out and saying "Tis the season to be silly.". MIB/NRFB (unworn). Men's size 38 flyfront brief in a 50/50 blend. Cute cartoons on the box. Christmas is coming, hint hint!

    • VD496 - ($ 4) VIDEO - Garfield On the Town (24 min) $4 [PREVIOUSLY VIEWED VIDEO STORE STOCK]

    • G60 - ($60) WATCH - Really great giftboxed adult's watch. Made by Armitron. Garfield stands in a spotlight with tux bib and cuffs like he's getting ready to conduct an orchestra. Remainder of background is black. Pale green area of the "spotlight" glows in the dark. Pewter-colored bezel with roman-numerals. Black leather bandwith a lizard design. Slightly larger size can be worn by a man or a woman. Nice & distinguised looking. MIB, not worn. Brand new.

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